Vamos A Matar Companeros

BCM 9591CD BCM 9591CD

Beat Record reissue on CD this original soundtrack from the western movie Vamos A Matar Compañeros (aka Compañeros) directed in 1970 by Sergio Corbucci, starring Franco Nero, Tomas Milian, Jack Palance, Fernando Rey, Iris Berben, José Bódalo, Eduardo Fajardo, Karin Schubert, Gérard Tichy, Gino Pernice, Claudio Scarchilli, Álvaro de Luna and Jesús Fernández. Ennio Morricone wrote fabulous music scores for the revolutionary Western genre, including films such as Tepepa, La resa dei conti, and Il mercenario. Certainly, Vamos A Matar Compañeros remains one of his fans' favorite works, where the harmonica by Franco De Gemini, Alessandroni's whistle and the Cantori Moderni choir play the lion's share. In 1970, a single was released with the themes "Vamos A Matar Compañeros" (with lyrics by Bruno Corbucci) and "Il pinguino". The main theme, "Vamos A Matar Compañeros", with its revolutionary flavor, is a cheerful, rhythmic piece with choir and the intervention of harmonica, organ and tolling bell that is frequently repeated throughout the soundtrack. Another recurring theme is the light-hearted "Il pinguino" motif for whistle, harmonica, banjo and orchestra, while "La Mexicana" is a nostalgic motif with harmonica and orchestra. The mystical theme of "La Loro Patria" with its revolutionary flavor returns to the soundtrack with guitar and strings. The tension of the story is provided by dramatic, almost atonal themes such as "Un Uomo In Agguato" and "Cecchino". There is also the obligatory saloon music, according to the tradition of the genre. Beat Records reissues on the market this masterpiece by Ennio Morricone for the Italian Western using the stereo masters of the original recording sessions, with a total duration of 63 minutes. Mastering by Claudio Fuiano. liner notes by Daniel Winkler. Graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini. Includes 12-page booklet.