Arcaico Armonico


LP version. 2015 release. Following his time in Aktuala, Lino Capra Vaccina published a seminal album in 1976, Antico Adagio, recently removed from the clutches of the vultures of rare disk from Die Schachtel (DS 027-1LP/DS 027CD). A few years after, another unmissable gem waiting for future reprints. Back to the studio after the incredible success of the reprint of Antico Adagio, Lino wanted to continue on the path laid out in his historical album: compositions, intuitions, emotions that were maturing for years, resting as the like of a good Borgogna wine, now ready to be shared with a wider audience. Also, for this new work, to his percussion, gong, tablas, bells, vibraphone, cymbals, dishes, and strange instruments natives Lino did not want to apply any "trick". All the sounds you'll hear in this extraordinary journey are strictly acoustic, no any kind of electronics are involved. Playing with tape delays, co-adjuvanted by a sound engineer visionary as Alberto Callegari, located at Elfo Studios which is a wonderful state-of-the-art place amidst the woods in the country of Piacenza. Max Marchini has produced this album with pure analog intents. Lino wanted around him three companions extraordinary as Paolo Tofani, legendary composer and guitarist of Italian prog/avant-garde band Area at the Mandhura for a breathtaking duet in "Dialoghi Tra Suoni (Dialogues Between Sounds)", Camillo Mozzoni on oboe, oboe d'amore, and English horn wove arabesques of arcane memory in "Archaic Armonico", and the old mate Juri Camisasca who stretched layers of voices in the enchanted "Ancrestrale Andante (Andante Ancestral)". Eons away from any new age suggestions, the music of Lino Capra Vaccina, in constant evolution, discovers pages submerged by ancient memories shared. The throb of skins beatings brings scents of the time; together with the voice, that as well remembered by Joan La Barbara, it is the original instrument. An album that marks a new stage in the new music. A disc where the sound is at the center, as the Klang contrapposto Foné, in an emotional universe of incomparable beauty that takes the listener to a different perception of time and space. A true masterpiece that is about to became a very sought-after item, this first limited edition of individually numbered and hand-bounded.