Rock And Roll Pills


2011 release. A mixed sex album of rocking sides from 1956 with the five guys mixing it with five chicks! A diehard lover of authentic rock n' roll music, Ding Dong (real name Alain Pourquier) was France's leading rock n' roll dee-jay in the early Eighties when he produced an acclaimed series of 10" albums for Charly Records compiled from recordings made for Sam Phillips's legendary Sun label. Ding Dong then launched into another series of 12" albums for Charly, following the same formula that had been so successful in the 10" series. Rock And Roll Pills features Wade & Dick, Macy "Skip" Skipper, Jimmy Williams, Barbary Pittman, Carl McVoy, Jean Chapel, The Kirby Sister, and Maggie Sue Wimberly.

On the Ding Dong series: For the series, he made visits to the hallowed Sun vaults in Memphis, Tennessee, where he listened to countless tapes, working his way through 1,228 outtake tape boxes and in the process selecting the best quality masters he could find. After listening to more than 11,000 tracks during February and March of 1983 and identifying a whole stack of unissued sides, he brought the master tapes back to England, where he embarked upon an amazing one-man re-issue program. Not only did he master all the recordings, he designed the sleeve artwork and wrote the sleeve notes. His excellent contacts amongst record collectors around the world enabled him to come up with a whole stack of rare artists' shots to use for the album artworks. The resulting albums, both various artists compilations and solo major artists, have over the years acquired iconic status and are now much sought after by fans of the ground-breaking Sun sound. Now lovingly restored, selected titles are being presented in their full original glory for today's vinyl buyers. They will be essential purchases not only for Ding Dong's fans seeking replacements for their worn-out original copies, but also for today's younger buyers discovering this exciting music for the first time. Remastered from the original tapes; 180 gram vinyl; old style tip-on cover.