Transient Visitor are Alex Cargill and Martin Jensen of The Central Office of Information and The Home Current respectively. Formed in March 2020 when most of Europe was deep in lockdown due to Covid-19, Alex and Martin decided that the music should still flow, thus forming Transient Visitor and setting out on a mission to record a collaborative album together-apart in Kent, UK, and Luxembourg on the continent. TV1 is the first instalment from this process. Eight tracks unlocked and now being released into an uncertain world in the humble hope that it might help bring smiles to ears. TV1 is dedicated to Ray Cargill (1951-2020), Alex's father who sadly fell victim to Covid-19 and passed away earlier in the year. Martin: "... I was personally surprised how fast we actually managed to create something which -- to us at least -- was meaningful and as I was initially preparing for a long haul collab, pinging tracks back and forth, it was amazing to discover that things just came together rather effortlessly. I really love the immediacy and 'simplicity' of the result. I like to believe we've left room for the listener, for them to be able to 'enter' the music and take it in whichever direction they like, based on when they're listening or how they feel when they do. To paraphrase, I like to think we haven't spelled everything out too much but left plenty of space for personal interpretation..." Alex: "... This turned out to be such a liberating process and -- as Martin mentioned -- we churned out 16 tracks in about 2 months. We didn't get bogged down in the process and we just churned out fun, quick riffs and melodies without overthinking things. The way we worked was that one of us would create the basis for a track, email it across and see what the other person could add to it. For most tracks it was that simple -- we loved what the other person added and so hardly any post-editing or tweaking was needed. I think the end results speak for themselves -- the tracks are fun and groovy. We both have deep roots in hip hop, electro and rave culture and I think that this comes across clearly in the music. In terms of the equipment used, it was mostly a digital production although I did use a few analog synths at this end to add some 'dirt' to the proceedings." 180 gram, silver vinyl; includes digital download. Mastered by Andy Miles at StarDelta.