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Hall Ov Fame


The ambient/cross-genres label Concentric Records launches its first solo release as a special edition LP written and composed by the celebrated and influential techno/experimental producer Tobias. It is the first strictly-ambient solo album of Berlin's Tobias., aka Tobias Freund. Entitled Hall Ov Fame, the full-length album is a rare ambient journey into a sonic world that is full of narrative and cinematic imagination, blurring boundaries between perceived and staged reality, past and future memory. "I have movies in my head" describes Tobias Freund the source that inspired his new album to fill it with a fantastic life of its very own. Consequently, each of the eight tracks represents a scene out of a fictitious short film, some of them with a claustrophobic and tense atmosphere while others appear light and hopeful on the screen of imagination. What they have in common is an adventurous spirit that is inherent in and played out by three main characters: repetitive electronic and acoustic patterns, voices from far away and field recordings of obscured origin. All the episodes combined introduce this Hall Ov Fame as a psyche-cinematic event which resonates with "ambience in its natural shades" to evoke the whole range of sensations that make a proper, suspenseful mind movie.

Tobias. (Freund) is long established as an influential artist and has -- since the early 1990s -- been working as a professional producer, sound engineer, label owner and strictly live musician. The Berghain resident constantly keeps exploring the vast synth-driven techno, experimental and ambient territories on journeys in-between genres, both as a live act and on his countless releases. Besides his early solo projects (such as Pink Elln, Metazone or Phobia) he's also been collaborating with Dandy Jack (as Sieg Über Die Sonne), Ricardo Villalobos (as Odd Machine), Max Loderbauer (as NSI.), Valentina Berthelon (as Recent Arts) and AtomTM, to only name a few.

Hall Ov Fame follows a compilation in three parts that introduced Concentric Records' roster and exploratory sonic realm over the past year and half. Mastered by Tobias Freund. Lacquer Cut by Mike Grinser. Cover Image: TV Caption of Marcello Mastroianni in La Città delle Donne by Federico Fellini, 1980. Artwork by Blackbirds Inc. 180 gram vinyl with insert.