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Hyperballad / Venus As A Boy

DM 021LP DM 021LP

"Travis Sullivan's Björkestra is a genre-bending jazz orchestra that interprets the music of Bjork Gudmundsdottir, one of the most influential pop artists of the past 25 years. The Björkestra transcends the boundaries of popular music and modern jazz while mesmerizing audiences with its engaging blend of improvisation, brilliant arrangements, and danceable grooves. Whether you are a fan of Bjork or jazz, the Björkestra offers something for anyone interested in listening to innovative, creative music while having fun in the process. Travis Sullivan employs traditional big band instrumentation augmented by vocals and a laptop. A live Björkestra show is a unique listening experience that impacts both the sonic and visual senses as they pay homage to the music of Bjork through invention, not imitation. The Björkestra has performed throughout the world at notable venues such as the Montreal International Jazz Festival (Canada), the SF Jazz Festival (USA), the Blue Note NYC, the Jarasum Jazz Festival (South Korea), Aperitivo in Concerto (Italy). The ensemble has also featured special guest jazz artists such as trumpet player Dave Douglas, tenor saxophonist Donny McCaslin, and guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel." "It was 2007 when the big band in N.Y. first covered Bjork's classic 'Hyperballad'. In 2012, the band released a live album with the talented Becca Stevens on vocals. I've been playing a dubplate of the live CD recordings for a while, and now I've been able to fulfill my wish and release it on vinyl for the first time in the world. Two of the strongest tracks from the album which are perfect for club playing are included. The dynamic groove of the big band and the contradictory cool world are mixed. A must-listen for jazz, Brit-funk, and house crossover fans. I hope this will be the most talked-about album of the year." --Tatsuo Sunaga