Still Moving EP

LQ 010EP LQ 010EP

Over the last couple of years, the Lanquidity team has brought exciting releases from the Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet and an historic Polish recording of the Sun Ra Arkestra to UK audiences. Now label co-founders Adrian and Mateusz are repping one of the most exciting trios to come out of the new London jazz-scape with the debut EP from Still Moving. Their explosive compositions combine freestyle energy with electronic club vibes and a mature mastery of their instruments. The band's pumping originality stands out as a valuable contribution to the vibrant and diverse jazz scene that's shaping the capital. Following the incredible response to their most recent project, Sun Ra - Live in Kalisz 1986 (LQ 009LP), Lanquidity Records aren't sitting tight. This time it's the debut of an exciting London trio experimenting with jazz and electronic fusions. Their sound is Still Moving. Still Moving is comprised of three musicians: Nat Philipps on saxophone, Pike Ogilvy on drums, and Sam Bates on synthesizers and drum machines. Drawing from a wide pool of influence -- touching on jazz, folk rhythm traditions, club-oriented electronics, and progressive experimentalism -- they generate an organic performance rooted in an intimate musical understanding between performers. SM is an invitation to a fluid journey through musical space, just as capable of provoking emotion and introspection as inspiring dance and movement. Working from the principle that no two shows be the same, they access a sound that is at once poetic yet constantly developing: a sound that is Still Moving. The group's recorded material reflects the live, improvisatory nature of the project, mixing raw and dynamic performance with an experimental approach to studio production. Whether in the flesh or on record, they capture a unique synthesis of musical styles that is sure to move you in body and in spirit.