1-2 Weeks
Music for Tape and Turntable

UE 048LP UE 048LP

"Jos Steen is a remarkable outsider in the purest possible sense of the word. Telling stories about the dude always sounds like they're untrue or seriously exaggerated, the way he lives sounds like a fairytale and the way he acts would resemble the heaviest mix of Bukowski and Bobby Colombo. Jos lives in a tiny house underneath a radio tower of the national TV and radio station VRT, where he works as an audio librarian. The house is built on the highest point of the area in a forest. You can see it from miles and miles away. It's tiny but can be called a museum! It is full of homemade instruments and broken pianos, amazing wooden stringed instruments made of garbage and all kinds of foreign instruments no one remembers the name of. Since around 1964 Jos has been making poems, stories, paintings, collages, drawings and music/sound to kill the demons in his head or jam along to their forceful blues. Some call him 'the Belgian Beefheart' and the people that already forgot about Beefheart talk about a local little Howlin' Wolf. Jos always made self-released zines, tapes and more recently, mountains of CD-Rs of homemade blues, broken bottle experiments and heavy free music folk. This LP is a selection of tracks of a recent CD-R of tape and record player experiments spiced with vacuum cleaners, rotting voices, undefinable strings, pianos, etc. It's absolutely unthinkable his work could be potentially lost in time and space, for fuck's sake, the dude is a genius! In the past, Jos played with free jazz greats like Peter Jacquemin, André Goudbeek, Yvo van der Borght, with poetry psychos like Roland Topor and Freddy de Vree, and with Zappa's own Jimmy Carl Black who begged on his bare knees to play with Jos ... well maybe that's exaggerated as well. This LP comes in a gold and white cover by Dennis Tyfus and an offset printed insert!"