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Carpet Album


Spiritczualic Enhancement Center are a "spectral trance-jazz ensemble with a psychedelic-punk methodology", as they define themselves -- an eclectic group of 15 musicians, almost a collective, from Germany, Israel, Iran, USA, Turkey, UK, Russia and former Yugoslavia. Landing on Kryptox, with their fourth record, this is musical material the band recorded in several sessions in Romania and the Czech Republic, inside a church in Hamburg and while staying with a commune in rural Denmark over the last years. Their live shows are wild happenings and their studio sessions are improvised rituals. Making use of traditional instruments, self-built electronics, synthesizers and a large rhythm section. The band describes the recording process as "a head-hunting tapestry woven with the tonal colors of music". Recorded by 15 musicians spanning from Japan and Turkey to Moldova and Iran. The hypnotic music the collective creates is deeply psychedelic, but not in a prog or indie way. This music is more inspired by Miles Davis or Lonnie Listen Smith in the early 1970s. After finishing and editing the album the band went to an old empty villa in Nice at the Côte d'Azur and later proceeded to Istria's Adriatic coast to mix and finalize the session and create that what is ready to be released on Kryptox. In case you have the chance one day to see the band live: Don't miss: Since their formation 2017, they have performed in twelve countries, including festivals like Fusion, Camp Cosmic and Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Their explosive live performances and three albums have created a buzz around the band. Gilles Peterson called the group an "incredible act which he'd love to see live." And no other than Damo Suzuki of CAN is a fan and joined the band on stage at several gigs. For fans of: Khruangbin, LCD Soundsystem, CAN, Four Tet, Squarepusher.