1-2 Weeks
Roar Groove Meets Dirt Crew Vol. 4


For Dirt Crew's fourth installment of the Roar Groove meets Dirt Crew series, the label presents a new set of shimmering and dubbed-out The Revenge cuts. After the last episode, Graeme has been very busy working his "live" studio setup to come up with a whole range of new jams of which the label has selected four tracks. Dirt Crew think these tunes best represent his unique style and once you hear these in a club you instantly know "That's a Revenge Tune", something the label have always loved about his sound. The opening "Like an Ending" is a trippy, melancholic-euphoric track driven by a Moog Voyager bass line and classic house keys and vibe. The original recording was an 11 minute live take that he has been able to capture the essence off and narrow it down to this thumping club jam. "Work Out Right" is all about those good times and it's reminiscent of early '90s "French Touch", filtering house at its best, it keeps running around in your head and with its slower pace, sure to do especially well on the early morning dancefloors and high summer, sun-drenched beaches. On the other side you enter darker and more dubbed-out territories. Here is "We Have So Much We Can Gain" in Graeme's words: "This one had been knocking around for a couple of years in various forms, but it wasn't really until I stripped it all back and let the arpeggiated synth do its thing that it really seemed to gel. It's really the rhythm of the whole thing, I ended up scrapping extra hi-hats and stuff that was just getting in the way." And how can you not love that marimba?! This track is like a spaceship floating the skies and eventually touching down. To close out this new work, you have one of these typical stab-y Revenge chuggers, loose and floating, synth lines underlaid by a distinctive beat, it has kind of a breakbeat feel to it and with the improvising on those synths and melodies on top of it all it's a true dub house track.