Romolo E Remo


2014 release. Digitmovies release Piero Piccioni's complete original soundtrack for the film Romolo E Remo (aka "Duel Of The Titans"). In 1961 when the film came out, no record was released. But in 1984 a 33rpm LP finally saw the light of day. The record was in the Phoenix limited edition series and contained 19 tracks. It was then rereleased twice in 1995 on CD at C.A.M. Soundtrack Encyclopedia. For Digitmovies' CD they were able to access the mono master tapes from the original recording session and the first-generation master tape assembled by the author for a vinyl record. The label discovered previously unreleased music. Piccioni composed a recurring battle theme emphasizing French horns for the two protagonists. This theme alternates with very dramatic war songs having an ethnic pastoral theme for the wolf scene and a mystical theme for the soldiers at the spring. Directed in 1961 by Sergio Corbucci. The film tells the story of two founding brothers of Rome, from their birth to their death. Romulus and Remus are the children of Rea Silvia who was banished and condemned to death by Amulias. Amulias abandons the brothers to die in the Tiber river but they are saved by a female wolf who raises them like her own pups. The brothers decide to build their own small village and start by demarcating their terrain. Remus disobeys his brother when he violates his boundaries and is then killed. Later you see Romulus as an adult who has become the first king of Rome and head of the army against the king of the Sabines, Titus Tatius. At this point the famous event happens -- The Rape of the Sabine Women, where Romulus abducts Sabine women in order to create families with them and his tribe. This causes a war between the two tribes. In a certain sense Rome comes out as the winner because the Sabines join them and become one Roman people. At the end, the old Romulus dies during a stormy night and ascends to heaven, taking the name of "Quirinus".