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It's About Time

MR 460LP MR 460LP

40 years after its original release date, Munster reissues this essential '80s garage punk gem as part of a series of releases celebrating Bomp! 50th anniversary. The Pandoras' debut album, It's About Time, is one of the first and best efforts of authentic 1960's-styled garage punk to emerge from the revival scene. This reissue includes three bonus tracks and liner notes by Gravedigger V's John Hanrattie. The Pandoras really got started back in 1982 when triple threat Paula Pierce (guitar, vocals and songwriter) met singer and guitarist Debbie Mendoza at Chaffey College Rancho Cucamonga, one of those dozens of small communities that make up the greater Los Angeles area. According to stories told around the campfire, Paula had posted an advertisement on the bulletin board inside the college's cafeteria. The ad was both simple and direct: Wanted: female musician to jam with. As legend has it, the ad also stressed a keen interest in '60s garage punk music. Debbie answered Paula's ad, and soon the two girls were bringing guitars to school and holding impromptu jam sessions between classes. A little later that year, Paula brought in Gwynne Kahn on keyboards and second guitar, and Debbie convinced drummer Casey Gomez to join. People who were around at the time pinpoint December 1982 as the official beginning of the Pandoras as a band. The Pandoras didn't waste any time getting down to business. They started gigging regularly, and their repertoire of tasty garage nuggets expanded substantially, fueled both by Paula's talented songwriting and also no doubt by her relationship with Unclaimed frontman Shelley Ganz and his extensive knowledge of obscure '60s gems.