Movements: Boogie Down In Africa


Movements: Boogie Down In Africa is a compilation of lovingly selected tracks from three albums by Willie Nfor: Mighty Flames Willie Nfor (1979), Feel So Fine (1981) and My Turn (1982). All highly sought-after albums of quality Nigerian boogie funk. This release is Livingstone Studio's seventh release, and it resonates with the label deeply. "The sessions were at Decca Studios at Akoka area of Lagos, they had a 16-track analog recording unit. It was like jazz, you had to be on top of your game as a musician, you couldn't erase the guitar lines or drums and redo it like with digital, one person slips up, you start all over again... So we rehearsed and rehearsed and then we went down and recorded the takes." Cameroon has a tradition of great bass players, names such as Jean Dikoto Mandengue, Vicky Edimo, Alhadji Toure, Basil Barap, Armand Sabal Lecco, Felix Sabal Lecco, Raymond Doumbe, Guy Nsangue, Jay Lou Ava, and Richard Bona. He was in that tradition. His Nigerian career was not well distributed outside Nigeria so that didn't help but when he got to Paris, he quickly became one of the hottest African musicians on the circuit, playing with Mory Kante (for whom he played on three albums and enjoyed a global hit, "Yeke Yeke", which took them touring around the world), Tulio de Piscopo, David Sancious, Charlelie Couture, Mbilia Bel (with whom he toured Southern Africa), Kante Manfila, Manu Dibango, Aicha Kone, and a host of others. Willy was special; before ending up in France, he played in the East of Nigeria and in Lagos both as a session man and as a member of The Mighty Flames, Sonny Okosun's band, and Bongos Ikwe's Groovies. Migration has become one of the biggest global news items in recent times. Willy Ngeh Nfor was a migrant before the word became so popular and tinged with a bad connotation. His music was made to travel. This release is a celebration of music as a space capsule and of man as a vector of creativity, inventions, love, and energy. Everybody migrates at some point in history. Everyone needs to celebrate humanity and free the migrant from bad energy, bad choices, and a bad image. Includes previously unpublished photos and detailed notes; gatefold sleeve.