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Dub Plate Selection Vol. 1

EB 138CD EB 138CD

Along with Massive Attack, nobody else than More Rockers with Smith & Mighty's Rob Smith helped define the dark creation of art -- of what came to be known as The Bristol Sound. In the late '80s, producers Rob Smith perfected the blend of rare groove, hip-hop, reggae, ganja, dread, Bacharach, bass, jungle, and drum & bass. Peter Rose, aka Peter D. the sometimes collaborator and early member of Massive Attack, hooked up with Rob Smith and they formed More Rockers. Their talent of what would become their signature blend of dub stylings with junglist tempos was amazing. It merged in the debut album Dub Plate Selection Vol. 1 in 1995 and continued this pattern with rootical jungle that could have come from some "nyabinghi" session in Kingston.That sound is simple jungle breakbeats flavored with a masterful understanding of the dub sound system roots into drum & bass. The first thing you notice is the heavy bass -- a deep round frequency that most electronic producers would die for to be able to create. It's that magical sound that feels completely natural, comforting supernaturally and powerful at the same time. It progresses into a mixed affair, blending from track to track and its quite heavily DJ-based. MCs, rappers, and female vocalists slither through for the perfect mix. Features a remix from Ronni Size & DJ Krust.