1-2 Weeks
Sei Jellato Amico Hai Incontrato Sacramento / I Due Volti Della Paura


2007 release. Digitmovies presents, for the first time on CD, two original scores composed and conducted by Franco Micalizzi: Sei Jellato Amico, Hai Incontrato Sacramento (aka "You're Jinxed, Friend, You've Met Sacramento) and I Due Volti Della Paura (aka "The Two Faces Of Terror"). These two OSTs were released on the top rare Pegaso Library Series. This CD was realized using the stereophonic master tape of the original 33 rpm albums that has been preserved in the RCA Archives until today. Sei Jellato Amico, Hai Incontrato Sacramento is a Western movie from 1972 directed by Giorgio Cristallini and starring American actor Ty Hardin. Following the huge theatrical and musical success of Lo Chiamavano Trinità, Franco Micalizzi was engaged to write the score for this motion picture. Like in the case of Trinità, Micalizzi blends the traditional symphonic orchestra with pop sound: the main theme is spiritual beat for orchestra and choir, pure pop concerning the use of brass and percussions. The theme is reprised with a burlesque. This OST features frequent participation of the extraordinary harmonica of Franco De Gemini as well as the incredible voice of Edda Dell'Orso. Distorted electric guitars accompany the trumpet in the melancholic Deguello evoking the atmosphere of Sergio Leone's cinema. The score is enriched with airy romantic themes, suspense and action music, folklore tunes, and with a fabulous gospel for solo male voice, choir, and orchestra. I Due Volti Della Paura is a 1972 giallo directed by Tullio Demicheli, starring Gorge Hilton, Luciana Paluzzi, Anita Strindberg, and Fernando Rey. During the early '70s many giallo movies were released in the theaters with music scores by Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai. Franco Micalizzi composed an OST with sound typical for that period. After an introduction of a classical flavored adagio, the main theme is developed with a beat arrangement vocalized by Edda Dell'Orso. The main theme is then reprised with a romantic mood for organ, bass guitar, and orchestra, with a shake dancefloor version, in a fast "chase" with bongos and female voice, and as a slow adagio with Edda's voice. Apart from dissonant suspense themes, Micalizzi provided another classic flavored theme, but with beat arrangement vocalized by Edda. The OST concludes with a long track for liturgical organ and with an aggressive shake.