Best Of


"Under the modest title Best Of, the Berlin native Pilocka Krach has assembled 11 hits from her current treasure trove in a debut album that holds a pedigree of 'homegrown premium extra plus.' Although she has been releasing tracks continuously since 2007 (including on Katermukke and her own label Greatest Hits International), up until now she could not have cared less about the album format. What's the point? Generation Download prefers things bit by bit. And her oeuvre consists entirely of hits, anyway. For Pilocka, even B-sides were seen as a mere waste of time, something best avoided. It's better to get it done and bring it out, with each track as it comes, song by song. Extroverted to the brink, extravagant, but approachable, this woman unleashes a kind of techno from a different angle: funky, demanding, dirty, funny, live, and direct. She initially emerged from the noise/avant-garde scene in Vienna, then the techno-hippy post-rave scene of a good-humored Berlin that gladly considers Monday afternoon to be peak time. From there, Pilocka won over hearts and rode on to victory with boundless passion and enthusiasm. Her music is meant to rock -- more Freddy Mercury than Robert Hood. Pure belladonna! So Best Of begins accordingly with 'Oh Yeah Voll Krass' -- which in the context of this album is more a mid-tempo number of rock stage proportions, boasting a massive bass line -- a wave that immediately goes pop when raving. Anyone who has been at one of her live appearances knows that this lady rocks, simultaneously loving and brash as she tears up the stage. It's like that at every one of her numerous performances, and now she has finally conveyed that spirit over the full length of an album. Best Of is like an application for a dream job that she -- unhesitatingly, without batting an eyelid, yet with an extra dash of mascara -- clearly defines: rock star! This is once again author-techno, but by an author who takes herself anything but seriously, and who gladly and immediately sacrifices any authorly gesture for the sake of a great moment -- a moment that is best shared with her! Pilocka Krach prefers to make a splash." --Daniel Meteo