Richard Wagner & Die Klezmerband: Auf Der Suche Nach Dem Neuen Judischen Sound In Deutschland


Yuriy Gurzhy, former DJ of the legendary "Russendisko" and co-founder of the multilingual Berlin band RotFront, presented his first book: a fascinating interview volume compiled in a kind of sampling aesthetic on the subject of "Richard Wagner & and the Klezmer Band. In Search of the New Jewish Sound in Germany (Ariella Verlag)." The idea for it arose in a conversation between Gurzhy and Rainer Kern, the director of the Enjoy Jazz Festival. The book quickly attracted keen interest far beyond the feuilletons. And now the soundtrack is available. Yuriy Gurzhy, as a DJ a specialist in the field of compiling, has knowledgeably selected all the pieces himself. A good eclectic mix, ranging from folk to hip-hop. The 18-track CD is also the first release from Enjoy Jazz Records, the new "festival label for jazz and more." At first glance, it may seem irritating that Gurzhy mentions the avowed anti-Semite Richard Wagner and klezmer, i.e. Jewish folk music, in the same sentence. In the "Jüdische Allgemeine" Gurzhy answered the question why he included the German composer in the title of his book. Against this background, by the way, Gurzhy himself provides one of the highlights of the album. For in the RotFront song "Girl from Bayreuth" he bilingually tells the absurdly convoluted story of how a man falls unrequitedly in love with a blond German violinist during a Wagner concert in Tel Aviv and from then on incessantly maltreats his neighbor through the thin walls with a mixture of crying fits and Wagner music. In addition, there is a wonderfully ironic side-splitting by Geoff Berner, performed in a children's song ductus ("Half-German Girlfriend"), a Balkanese brass version of the folk song "Hava Nagila" by Shazalakazoo/Edi Partizani or the organ-soaked rock of Forshpil ("Meydl in di yorn"), of course with guitar solo. Also features Vivian Kanner, Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird, You Shouldn't Know From It, Jewrhythmics, Paul Brody's Sadawi, Solomon & Socalled, Fayvish, Jewdyssee, Jewish Monkeys, KlezCore, The Disorientalists, Andrea Pancur, Yahoodi, and Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars.