reKonstruKtion (Baustelle Remixe)


Following the release of their debut album Baustelle (MONIKA 069CD) in 2010, Greie Gut Fraktion, also known individually as AGF and Gudrun Gut, now present you with reKonstruKtion; a full-length album of remixes based on material taken from Baustelle and featuring remixes by Soulphiction, Jennifer Cardini, Mika Vainio, Wolfgang Voigt, Alva Noto, GGF themselves and many more. Any construction opens up the possibility of reconstruction, or in most cases even implies a need for reconstruction. The constructivist movement of the '30s wanted to openly remove the copy-cat character from art. With the remixes of GGF's Baustelle it's similar; it's about finding a different approach to good material. Through progress in technology and networking, the boundaries between producer and DJ continue to blur more and more. Remixes are an integral part of this process and the results are often pleasantly surprising, as is the case on reKonstruKtion. Both exceptional solo producers in their own right, AGF and Gudrun Gut have naturally each done individual remixes. And so the album kicks off with Antye Greie's remix of "Drilling An Ocean," followed closely by Gudrun Gut's new "Rubberboots" take on "Betongiessen" (trans. "Pouring Concrete"). Kompakt boss Wolfgang Voigt presents a superb minimal rendition of the Palais Schaumburg classic which you might know if you got the Stadt Mixe 12" that came out to accompany the original album. Mika Vainio chose to mix "Drilling An Ocean" and his industrial-noise style lends itself perfectly to the subject matter, resulting in a dark, atmospheric piece of sound-art. Natalie Beridze aka TBA delivers a fine version of "We Matter" in a cut-up electronica style. Jennifer Cardini brings a relaxed minimal-dubby twist to "Make It Work," while Soulphiction aka Jackmate supplies a prime cut with his "Late Dub" remix of "Mischmaschine." Barbara Morgenstern also contributes, presenting a delightful pop-mix of "Cutting Trees." Ever supportive of new talent, Monika introduces three new female stars Donna Neda, Chra and Villinette. ReKontstruKtion presents 15 high-quality remixes spanning a multitude of styles -- an exciting development and step forward from the Baustelle album.