1-2 Weeks
Vivi O Preferibilmente Morti


Digitmovies, in collaboration with Gruppo Sugar, release on CD the complete edition of Gianni Ferrio's original soundtrack, in full stereo, for the western movie Vivi O Preferibilmente Morti (aka "Alive Or Preferably Dead"). Directed in 1969 by Duccio Tessari, the movie was based on a story and scenario by Ennio Flaiano and it starred Giuliano Gemma, Nino Benvenuti, Sydne Rome, Chris Huerta, Antonio Casas, Georges Rigaud, and Brizio Montinaro. When he dies, the old Archie leaves his two grandchildren Monty Mulligan (Gemma) and Ted Mulligan (Benvenuti) a legacy of 300,000 dollars, which they can receive provided that they will live together for six months. Different by natures and habits, the two do not seem to be able to get together. As both of them are penniless, however, they decide to form a common front to get their hands on the money. At the time, C.A.M. issued a 33rpm album with 18 selections in stereo, then reissued in 1992 for the first time on CD in CAM's soundtrack encyclopedia series with rather questionable sound filtered with Dolby Surround. For Digitmovies' CD, they used the first-generation master tape of the original 33rpm album (without filters or anything else) and, thanks to the stereo master tapes of the original session, they were able to find out about 19 minutes of unreleased material. Gianni Ferrio wrote an OST with American flavor with country songs played by John Ireson and Wayne Parham (also known as The Wilder Brothers), a march for the Salvation Army sung by Lilian Terry, a Christmas-style tune performed by I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni. The author alternates these songs with love themes, foxtrot, Charleston tunes (as a background to the first cars which appeared in the old west), music for epic rides on the prairie, suspense and action music that makes the comment an extremely varied and enjoyable listening experience. Among the extra material there are also performances in Italian of the album versions in English, including the one used for the theatrical trailer where the singer introduces the characters and their actors Giuliano Gemma and Nino Benvenuti. A right and proper rescue and preservation of the Italian western and the music art of Gianni Ferrio.