Not So Green Fields


Dusty Kid follows his 2013 album III (ISOLA 001CD) with the astonishing Not So Green Fields, a magical journey that stands as his most human and mature work to date. Dusty Kid found his muse in his beloved island, Sardinia, around which he crafts a fantastical, heartfelt, moving narrative. "Not So Green Fields is a story that I've had inside of me for a while," says Dusty Kid. "It is the story of a visitor from a cold northern country who spends a two-week holiday on the island... I introduce him to the land where I was lucky enough to be born." The symphonic percussion and jungle voices of "We are the Troglodytes" precede the launeddas, an ancient Sardinian woodwind instrument, that appears on "Innu." "Fura Prana" floats between the desperate melody of a piano crying for freedom and epic sounds that recall '70s Jarre. On "Masua", the listener jumps into the Sea of Sardinia, following the melody of a sinuous voice from the depths. One voice becomes many, and they intertwine, majestic and psychedelic, to spring from the waters into the sky. At this point, this is no longer a dance album, but a work of pure '70s British progressive rock. The beat continues to slow for the moving "Durke," an uncommonly beautiful ballad that evolves around pop guitars, rock drums, and an emotional mantra sung in Sardinian. On "The Arsonist," which tackles the island's arson problem, dance music returns, but far from typical techno. The track delves into '90s trance, reminiscent of rave parties and the legendary Jam & Spoon. The pathos peaks with "Doa," an emotional, melancholic track drenched in spaghetti western magic to honor Dusty Kid's idol, Ennio Morricone. The cinematic postcard of "Gairo Vecchio 38°C" is an unexpected visit to an abandoned little town under the moon, with a delicate piano-and-trumpet duet over singing crickets. "Arvéschida" is 135 BPM of pure poetry that blends the most entrancing techno with the most lysergic trance. It's a flock of seagulls seen from a hang-glider, pure hedonistic and methamphetaminic emotion. Closer "Not So Green Fields" reflects Dusty Kid's passion for American folk music, in an ode to Sardinia, its warm summers, and its blue sky. Dusty Kid steps away from modern techno trends with mastery and confidence, exploring diverse territories in a powerfully cohesive album. Digipak CD includes 16-page booklet; limited to 1000 copies.