3-4 Weeks
In Dreems

MC 002LP MC 002LP

Multi Culti drops its first full-length artist album with In Dreems, following a teaser single and beautiful remixes by Michael Mayer, Axel Boman, Valentin Stip, and Thomash (MC 001EP, MC 005EP, MC 009EP). Born in the Sydney sun, the well-traveled journeyman DJ and legendary party-man Dreems creates musical visions that draw inspiration from the shores of Goa, the cliffs of Scotland, the clubs of Europe, and the desert of Black Rock City. His influences are too abundant to pick out, and he doesn't sound like anything or even any time in particular. The sprawling 14 tracks of his debut come together as one immersive whole, much more of an ambient epic than a collection of dance tracks -- this is truly music to trip out to. There are beats studded through the languid soundscapes, but they seem more designed for leg-twitching REM exploration than dancefloor stomping. From the opening tones of spring reverb-drenched vinyl noise and deep breathing, this record plunges the listener into an expansive inner space. Hypnotic, exotic, dense yet sparse, it's an album that defies categorization -- simultaneously odd and familiar. If it bears any resemblance to other records, it would be to the equally elusive, psychedelic electronica of artists like Walls, The Field, or even The KLF. It's rich with samples, but everything feels played and natural, as if all the sounds were rolled up in a dusty carpet and taken on safari before being unraveled and enjoyed in the light of the setting sun. Limited double LP edition pressed on 180-gram vinyl; includes MP3 download code.