1-2 Weeks
Xerrox Vol. 1

R-N 078CD R-N 078CD

2016 repress; originally released in 2007. Originals are unique, be it genetic codes or image and sound documents. Their copies are mere means of distribution. To secure these originals from misuse is the main issue today. The essence and potential of the copy mostly is disregarded. We live in a world of constant reproduction, where only the replication counts as original, the single object is a sheer copy of the prefiguration, which is abstract and becomes an icon. The uncountable number of multiplied images confirms the original, but immediately the copy withdraws and assesses its own value. By using the technique of copying the copy, it also often contains mistakes and abstractions that differ from the original. These simplifications and deformations inherent to the copy process lead to a gradual loss of its connection to the original and results in a substantial change of meaning. Although there is still a core of the actual source, the original message disperses in the white noise of reproduction. In the end, the observer can hardly differentiate if the origin is part of the information transferred. If there is still an integral material component of the original or can this only be projected... these questions remain unanswered. What finally remains is the process of copying itself. It becomes a creative tool by analytically accomplishing something new. The mutating copy provides space for development -- the copy becomes original again. Xerrox is the new, self-contained project by Alva Noto, which like his "Transall" series (Transrapid, Transvision and Transspray) is intended to be released in five parts during the next years. On Xerrox, Alva Noto works with samples from muzak, advertising, soundtracks and entertainment programs. These sounds we hear randomly in everyday life and thereby they become an always-present and available public domain. With Xerrox, Alva Noto manipulates these recognizable melodic (micro) structures by the process of copying. He alienates them beyond recognition so the results manifest their connection to the original only suggestively. In this respect, the original is copied to the original. Alva Noto used several samples from these sources: Narita airport Tokyo, in-flight program Air France, telephone wait-loop Lufthansa, hotel Apollo Paris, Suizanso hotel Yamaguchi, Seven-Eleven Tokyo, Forma London, Reaktor and