Under the Influence Volume Three: A Collection of Rare Soul and Disco


Following on from the likes of Backstreet Brit Funk, Destination Boogie and the ever-popular Soul of Disco series, Z Records continues to release high-quality compilations filled with lesser-known disco, funk and boogie. After the universally well-received Under the Influence Vol. 1 compiled by Red Greg (ZEDD 024CD) and Vol. 2 compiled by Paul Phillips (ZEDD 027CD/LP), ZR returns with Vol.3, this time compiled by James Glass. James Glass grew up in London and was exposed to Top of the Pops and John Peel's venerable radio shows, both of which turned him onto the fresh sounds of punk and new wave. His affinity for soul, jazz funk and disco, however, came from listening to the rapidly-growing pirate radio stations such as LWR and Horizon. These influences were heightened further when he decided to move to New York in the late '80s, an area long associated with limitless possibilities for anyone with a passion for underground dance music. For the last 20 years, though, he's called the San Francisco Bay Area home where the rock/dance hybrid has once again captivated his ears. During his time in San Francisco, James Glass has been instrumental in helping to define the uniquely eclectic sounds of the early '90s club scene. He provided a more soulful, grounded alternative to thump-thump rave beats and inadvertently exposed dancers to the origins of '90s club music. His intricately-assembled DJ sets are mixed with rare '70s soul, disco and early house -- the gritty, raw sounds that inspire his production style and obsessive dedication to genuine music that has no expiration date. In addition to playing West Coast gigs, he also runs two record labels, Golden Goose and Grimy. Glass and partner DJ Garth of the legendary Wicked parties have been releasing their own left-field and cosmic rock edits on Golden Goose since 2005 under the name King & Hound. The Grimy label, which he runs with partner Zernell Gillie, a highly revered Chicago DJ, focuses on underground disco edits. As always with Z Records, the masters sound as good as possible, so if you're a fan of compilations from BBE or Dimitri From Paris and Z Records' Soul of Disco CDs, then this will not disappoint.