Under The Influence Volume One: A Collection of Rare Soul & Disco


Z Records continue to release high-quality compilations filled with lesser-known disco, funk and boogie. Now they launch a new compilation series named Under The Influence. The story behind UTI is this: being a seasoned record collector, Z label boss Dave Lee (Joey Negro) has made the acquaintance of many of the world's other vinyl junkies -- people that may be unknown to the general public but are hardcore enthusiasts who have built some of the best collections of soul, funk and disco on the planet. Volume 1 has been compiled by DJ Red Greg aka Darren Griffiths, a familiar face across the world at record fairs and second hand vinyl stores, as well as a DJ putting on his own Ebonite nights in Dalston (and playing in parties in the UK as well as Paris and NYC). Unlike many reissue comps, it's doubtful there will be anyone who picks up this CD and looks through the track list and has the all the songs contained. This selection is the result of years of digging, buying records on a hunch, acquiring a few turkeys to find the gems. Check his sleeve notes out for some detailed analysis and history. As always with Z Records, they've spent time and money to make the masters sound as good as possible. A word from Red Greg: "When pulling together some ideas for this compilation, it became apparent that so many superb soul and disco records of the late '70s, early '80s simply vanished into obscurity, due to the lack of finance, multi-million dollar recording studios or the promotional power of the major labels. Clearly influenced by the disco R&B sound of the time, smaller independent releases struggled to get their sound across to the mainstream and as a result, never received the success they deserved. From the raw and gritty to the gloriously orchestrated, by no means was their sound inferior to the great classics from the likes of Prelude, Westend or Salsoul, but yet many went unnoticed outside of their hometowns. With the classics and major label releases from the past still dominating the market today, it seemed only fair to delve into some of these lesser-known recordings for this series. From hidden B-sides to overlooked album tracks, my Under The Influence album showcases a collection of these under-exposed gems, finally giving them the attention they deserve. All have been favorites of mine in recent years and previously unavailable on CD or digitally, until now." Artists include: Donnell Pitman, Lo-End, Beckie Bell, Seaquence, Panache, Andy Crown, Free Spirit, Sophisticated Ladies, The Vandales, Sir Ted Ford, Chain Reaction, Aged In Harmony, Rim & Kasa, K.I.C., Arthur King, Percy & Them, Lafayette Street, New Love Ltd & Interstate 95, Miss Misty, Thunderbolt, Del Richardson, Jim Manns, Carl Marshall & The S.D's and Star Quad.