Atom Kids: A Tribute to the King O.T.

WPC6 8522 WPC6 8522

A Japanese-only tribute album for a famous Japanese animator, Osamu Tezuka -- creator of Astro Boy, and considered the grandfather of the contemporary manga and anime industry. Features exclusive tracks by: You, Ikuno Takagi (Jungle Smile), Genki Hitomi, Hiroyuki Nanba, Cosa Nostra, Kiyoshiro, Shonen Knife, Maki Nomiay, Dimitri From Paris, Ken Takagi, Cibo Matto, Haruomi Hosono, Kazufumi Miyazawa, Boredoms, Tadanobu Asano, Bloodthirsty Butchers, El-Malo, '80s Kinniku Shojotai, Anji, Yui Nishiwaki, Sean Lennon, Chocolate, Motoharu Sano. Nice packaging. "All star compilation of music inspired by the legendary Japanese animator, Dr. Osamu Tezuka, considered the grandfather of the contemporary manga and anime industry. "Despite the fact he possessed a license to practice medicine, he instead drew and compiled dozens of stories for a living, right up to his death in 1989. In 1950, he serialized the classic Jungle Taitei (Jungle King), a series on the adventures of a brave white lion named Kimba. In 1952, in what is in arguably his most famous work, he created Tetsuwan Atom (Mighty Atom), known in North America as Astro Boy, a boy robot who fought evildo-ers in the future. Tezuka is also credited for developing the big-eye look of manga characters and the manga formula of engrossing serial storylines stretching hundreds of pages. His tales proved riveting, touching on many powerful themes. Inspired by his great love for cartoon animation, Disney in particular (it's said he saw Walt Disney's Bambi 80 times), he set up Mushi Studios, his own production company, (1961-1973) which became a springboard for a number of influential animators who were to follow, including Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira)."