#453 November 2021

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"The Wire Tapper 57 CD Every copy of the November issue will come with a CD of the 57th volume in our ongoing series of underground music anthologies attached to the cover. This edition of The Wire Tapper features a cover designed by Fred Watkins and contains 16 new tracks by Ben LaMar Gay, Damo Suzuki & Spiritczualic Enhancement Center, RAIC ,Bendik Giske, Alberto Nemo, Kondi Band and more. On the cover... Klein: The South London based electronic musician channels a lifetime of listening and London living through her timely audio collages, a practice now expanding to modern composition and the moving image via new album Harmattan and film Care. Inside the issue... Black Dice: As the oddball innovators of noise music release their first album in a decade, Marc Masters finds out how the trio make the strangest grooves in the US underground. The Primer: Horace Tapscott & The Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra - A user's guide to the recordings of cosmic jazz's 'other' Arkestra, the Los Angeles based community organization founded by pianist Horace Tapscott whose legacy continues today amid a bold new era of West Coast jazz pushed forward by Kamasi Washington and others. Invisible Jukebox: Alan & Sir Richard Bishop - Siblings Alan and Sir Richard Bishop come together to face The Wire's Invisible Jukebox test. Global Ear: Josh Feola travels to Lubbock, Texas to find a small self-sustaining scene of experimental players that has been quietly creating away from the limelight. Unlimited Editions: The kaleidoscopic visions of Finnish promoter, record shop and publisher We Jazz. The Inner Sleeve: Japanese percussionist and ambient explorer Midori Takada. Plus interviews with L'Rain, Tara Clerkin Trio, Mazaher and Magda Mayas."