A Bag Full of Flames

VP 99025LP VP 99025LP

"Flame Records was launched in 1970, a new label ablaze with big ideas hatched over long nights in smoke-filled rooms. Like so many big ambitions born of smoke and idealism, Flame lasted only a short time before burning out, leaving behind just a handful of extremely rare releases, now highly prized by collectors, including a magical psychedelic folk album by Ton Vlasman, and a coveted 45 by Bag, now considered by many to be the best Dutch psychedelic single ever. This deluxe vinyl release presents the cream of Flames output, including the Bags magnificent 'Tripdream' and 'Nothing Will Remain,' Phoenix's 'Ode to Jimi Hendrix' and 'Reborn,' and coveted Dutch beat and psych tracks by Dennimaff, Sunshine Express, Rain and Double Dutch, whose 1967 mod stomper 'You're Out of Sight' features future Outsiders member Frank Beek. There are also three 1971 tracks by Belgian progressive rockers Kleptomania (three previously unreleased versions), and two tracks from Ton Vlasman's LP, including his haunting reading of the Velvet Undergrounds 'Pale Blue Eyes.' This collection comes packaged in specially designed sleeve by Marijke Koger-Dunham, the Amsterdam-based artist who was once part of The Fool design collective, whose work famously adorned the facade of the Beatles Apple boutique, Eric Clapton's Gibson SG, John Lennon's piano, George Harrison's mini, and the sleeves of several classic sixties albums (Hollies, Move, Incredible String Band). Included is an insert with liner notes by Mike Stax and band information. Comes in Japanese plastic bag. Remastered in the 24-bit domain from the original master tapes."