Mundane Recordings 1980-1985


Limited edition of 444. Includes hand-numbered certificate. Mundane Recordings 1980-1985 comprises a selection of music pieces created by Ron Crowcroft. Punk had opened possibilities for artists to explore sound structures as another means of creating, showing that original work could be produced using rudimentary technical equipment and expertise. Ron began experimenting with sound in 1979 and contributed several of these tracks to various Mail Art projects, including sending many pieces to Rod Summers of VEC Audio Editions, who released them on compilation tapes and a solo tape. Ron also contributed to galleries and alternative spaces that were open to new kinds of music. In late 1979, Ron co-founded New 7th Music, an experimental electronic and acoustic improvisation group, which met every two weeks for recording sessions at The Arun Leisure Centre in Bognor Regis, Sussex, England. New 7th Music began releasing cassettes as the national interest in home recording was gaining momentum, which received regular articles and reviews in the national music press. New 7th Music played some live shows, including a performance at The London Musicians Collective. Many musicians and friends joined the group over the years on various recording sessions and in live shows. Ron also collaborated with Andrew Blackwell, as the duo, The Modern Farmers, releasing an anonymous cassette in 1981, which combined experimental sound pieces and humorous tracks. A magazine was included with the cassette. A subsequent collaboration saw Ron sending basic vocal tracks to Robert Gillham, who then added music tracks to complete each piece, which were released as the duo, Random Valency. At the same time, Ron continued recording and releasing his own music on his Mundane Tapes label, first with Skullduggery in 1980, and his second release, I Am Normal (1981), entered the Sounds music paper "Obscurist Chart". He then released Greatest Hiss, a series of four compilation tapes comprised of various music tracks from his solo and collaborative work. Ron is a multi-media artist, who continues to create and release music. His other creative output includes drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video, performance art, conceptual art, poetry and humor.