Two Poems


2009 release. Alga Marghen proudly presents an LP edition including two experimental sound works by Gherasim Luca, created in close connection with Sten Hanson, who invited the Romanian artist to Fylkingen in the very beginning of the 1970s and made him discover the possibilities of the advanced EMS electronic music studio of Stockholm. The two recordings presented here are quite unique as they are the only poems by Gherasim Luca created through the use of electronic manipulations. As Henri Chopin wrote some years later in his legendary Poésie Sonore Internationale book, Ghérasim Luca made a big impression at the Third Stockholm Festival in 1970. Luca was born in Bucharest in 1913. Before leaving for Israel, he had a leading role in the Romanian Surrealist group. He eventually moved to Paris where he lived until the end of his life in 1992. Gherasim Luca's work is very personal, giving his poems a very uncommon and ironic character. Again, Henri Chopin underlines that "in his recordings, which are not many, he superimposes his very warm voice, marked by his Romanian accent; it's a sound wonder. In fact, Luca is not a sound poet. He is more a speaker who managed, without complex, to enter into the Fylkingen studio vortex. On 4 tracks and with 32 loudspeakers, thanks to his superb voice and his instinctive knowledge of the electronic studio which amplifies words, he gives great pleasure to the listener, even if the latter cannot understand French." "Autres Secrets Du Vide Et Du Plein" (April 1971) and "Crimes Sens Initiales" (April 1972) were both recorded one track at a time on a 4-track tape and afterwards subjected to electronic treatments. They were recorded in Sweden at EMS and first performed at the 1971 and 1972 Text-Sound Festivals of Stockholm. Includes the reproduction of a wonderful drawing by Gherasim Luca on the front cover, a photo portrait of the author by Gilles Ehrmann from 1959 and an essay by Henri Chopin.