Sensacional Soul Vol. 3


This is the third volume in Vampisoul's Sensacional Soul series, featuring 28 Spanish soul tracks circa 1966-1976. With the exception of England, no European country proved more vulnerable to the soul-fever which, from the second half of the '60s, swept Spain from north to south. The passion for black music was so contagious, that nobody could resist it. It is certainly true that all of this was fostered by the extraordinary surge in tourism and the consequent boom of clubs in the large cities and, most especially, the Mediterranean coast. If the extraordinarily high demand for live music that these night clubs and discotheques demanded could not be met by local musicians, the solution was simply to turn to foreign groups or to urgently recycle illustrious veteran bands marginalized by the new musical currents. On average, this churned out rather amateurish results or watered-down soul, yet many of those acts applied such passion to their work that their scarce discographic legacy -- today more than ever -- sets dancefloors alight, elates many hearts and demands the application of a proper label of origin in its thirst for exportation. Perfect and surprising proof of this was that this country would be the only one in Europe whose leading groups of the genre (Canarios and Pop-Tops) reached number one on the sales lists with their own tunes. Southern soul and the Tamla sound were the most consulted sources for Spanish musicians, but this collection also exhibits fascinating experiences between psychedelic soul, instrumental music, Afro-rock or gospel soul, although there are others that go beyond, or better said, that stay closer to home; songs whose origin is impossible to place, songs filled with echoes, twists and gimmicks that are absolutely Hispanic. The popular impact of soul was so broad and reached so many different audiences, that the creativity of those musicians was diverse, pluralistic and uncontrollable; for some purists, blasphemy, without a doubt, but for the rest, absolutely free music. Most tracks reissued for the first time. Includes detailed notes by expert Vicente Fabuel plus picture sleeves of all the tracks, band photos and labels.