Quest For The Sonic Bounty


Horsepower Productions return to Tempa with their third album; a bold and intrepid Quest For The Sonic Bounty. Horsepower Productions are dubstep's foundational producers responsible for the now classic, early scene-defining tracks "Gorgon Sound" and "Classic Deluxe"and for dubstep's first LPs -- the revered In Fine Style (TEMPA 001CD) and To The Rescue (TEMPA 003CD). Quest For The Sonic Bounty is Horsepower's stunning return LP, their first in six years. If you were to unearth the flourishing dubstep tree you'd find Horsepower at its roots. Their debut album was the first LP to be released on Tempa, and it was the press release for In Fine Style back in 2002 that first gave the fledgling genre its name -- and the cover feature in XLR8R (July/Aug '02) that first used the term in print and immortalized the name. Horsepower are the revered, ground-zero catalysts of the sound which is now capturing the imagination of the new rave generation. Originally an 8-strong collective, featuring amongst others Lev Jnr, Nassis, Simon D, The Culprit and Jay King, the current incarnation of Horsepower includes Matt HP aka Lev Jnr, Nassis, and Jay King with the indomitable Benny Ill at the helm. The quest for the elusive sonic bounty begins with tentative steps in the rain and journeys over land and across the seven seas, all the while weaving a rich, musical tapestry. The pulsating, staccato bass line of "Mexican Slayride" and its tale of a band of mercenaries challenging a despotic bandit overlord gives way to the epic voodoo chronicle of "22" -- witch-doctor bones rattling beneath the distant drums in this dramatic tale of the mysteries of the Caribbean. "Water" tells the story of a scorched and war-ravaged Earth, where power over the survivors is held by he who controls the water. The two tracks featured on Horsepower Productions' most recent 12" for Tempa "Kingstep" and "Damn It" make a re-appearance here, having been revamped and extended specifically for this album. The penultimate track is a remix of "Exercising" -- a track from Lee "Scratch" Perry's album The Mighty Upsetter, and it's dubstep at its best: deep, dark and moving. Just wait for those violins! The remix takes us to India, Jamaica and beyond; rising up beyond the clouds of the heavenly mountain, sacred instruments play us along our spiritual journey. The album is wrapped up by the hauntingly beautiful "Poison Wine." For those wanting a pleasant coffee table album, be warned Quest For The Sonic Bounty is a rigorous aural and physical experience. When it's finished with you, you will understand that their unerring quest, carving new tributaries and exploring far-flung lands, is indeed what creates our very own sonic bounty.