Songs From Satan's Jukebox Volume 1: Country, Rockabilly, Hillbilly & Gospel For Satan's Sake


Who the hell is the devil? As we all know, God (that old slowcoach) is commonly known and allowed to have but one name (or none). As his everlasting archenemy, however, of my names there are plenty: Allow me to introduce myself: Satan from Arabia! Devil, El Diablo, fiend, deuce, Old Nick, the one that bedevils everything -- these are only a few of my names in Western cultures! Lucifer -- the one who brings the light -- or, as seen through the eyes of my grumbling competition, the one who was exiled from the light! Beelzebub, Azrael... Satan on the release: "I am the outlaw, the one nobody likes to talk about but the one that everybody likes to hail, the one that is always to the fore when you need me: You can find me wherever guilty pleasure celebrates its goatish feasts. You can find me at the tables of a gambling den, at the counters of hellish bars, promoting artistic careers at crossroads when the clock strikes midnight. I'm riding the highway to hell in a chromium-black limousine and steam along diabolic train tracks in black locos. I travel as the eerie wanderer or the eldritch hitchhiker. You can meet me in many shapes on the world's and life's big stages as the salient seducer in classy, noble twine and pointed leather shoes. I am especially dangerous in shape of a bombshell woman! Thus, it's no wonder that artists have been erecting memorials in my honor since the beginning of time. I have been idolized in arts, literature, and especially in music. I hereby present you a small selection of satanic songs and maleficent melodies from my infernal jukebox. Let me seduce you!" Features: The Louvin' Brothers, Sonny Burns, Joe Carson, Gene 'Bo' Davis, Jessie Floyd, Anita Carter, Johnny & Dorsey Burnette with The Rock`n´Roll Trio, Marty Robbins, Billy Barton, Johnny Horton, and Harry Choates.