Black Swan

SR 303CD SR 303CD

Sub Rosa launches a new series called Framework -- an extension of their releases of concrete electronics noise -- a brand new mix-up of unusual conceptions of sound material by young, unknown composers, well-known not-so-young composers, and old but clever composers. Includes one photograph and a geometric form. Limited to 700 copies.
Cristian Vogel was born in Chile and moved to England in the mid-1970s. He first began working with electronic compositions in the late '80s with the Cabbage Head Collective (working with Si Begg, among others). He attended the University of Sussex, under the tutorship of composers Martin Butler and Jonathan Harvey, and graduated with a degree in 20th Century Music, suffusing his techno compositions with influences from musique concrète and other avant-garde styles. In the early '90s, Vogel issued two EPs on Dave Clarke's Magnetic North Records, the first of which was the underground hit, Infra. After further solo EPs and collaborations with emerging UK techno artists such as Russ Gabriel, Neil Landstrumm and Dave Tarrida, Vogel released his debut full-length, Beginning To Understand, in 1994 on Mille Plateaux, and subsequently became the first UK techno artist to be signed to Berlin's Tresor Records. He also started the vinyl-only label Mosquito with Si Begg, on which he released both his own music and other artists'. He is considered to be one of the main founders of the No-Future collective that was active in Brighton during the mid-'90s. In 2001, Vogel moved to Barcelona, where he set up the Erutufon 5 studio, and later Station 55 Electronic Music Studio. He currently lives and works there, managing Station 55 Records and studio. Alongside Jamie Lidell, he formed the group Super_Collider, who released two albums. Vogel currently sings and plays guitar in his band project Night Of The Brain, while continuing to maintain a presence on the underground techno scene. Vogel is sought after as a remixer and album producer, having worked with artists such as Radiohead, Maxïmo Park, Chicks On Speed, and Thom Yorke. The artist says this about Black Swan: "For the curious, the seed audio recordings which I analyzed and modified to resynthesize the score to Black Swan; a few seconds of Awa Odori and Mugiya-Bushi Odori traditional Japanese dance recordings, a Flying-V howling on a Swiss mountain pass in the Val Calanca, two EMS Synthi connected in a voltage feedback loop, a fragment of pachinko hall sound."