391 Vol. 6: Veneto Voyage Through The Deep 80s Underground In Italy


"391 Vol. 6: Veneto Voyage Through The Deep 80s Underground In Italy is the sixth stage of Spittle's series Journey Through The Italian Underground. It is the product of a year-and-a-half of work, of research, tapes, rustles, and distortions, trying to describe what happened in Veneto in the '80s. As with the other 391 Series compilations, this is not a "best of" but an inclusive compilation with both forgotten groups and unreleased material from essential pieces of the Italian post-punk history such as Death In Venice, Degada Saf, Frigidaire Tango, Plasticost, Ruins, and Wax Heroes." --Gianlorenzo Giovannozzi

"Back in the mid-seventies, while the punk cyclone was resetting the whole music business system, a new music consciousness was taking shape; a change was needed. We had to regain the lost sense of rock music, taking back its primitive identity, throwing it into the future and waking up the soul of those who thought that music was something for just a few elected ones. Post punk or in a larger sense, new wave, represented a revolution, and our generation was caught in this revolution. This was some kind of intellectual rebirth where for once, a new social momentum seemed to be shaped by the music. This compilation consists of 42 unreleased tracks by semi-unknown bands, orphans for about 30 years until an audience who could appreciate their authenticity. Far from every commercial purpose, this is a pure manifesto of what we could call a flood of creativity. A revolution in music and style, in which, thank god, we were a part." --Carlo Casale, Frigidaire Tango

Also features: Pyramids, Evabraun, Blue Velvet, S.P.R.A.Y., Vco, Plastic Bags, Homework Tape Production, Endless Nostalgia, Radar, Hunt's Up, Steve Elbow & Twist 92, New Design, Qfwfq, Bobby Watson, Plastic Flowers, Cruel Bolero, Domino Noir, Isolamento, Lynx Avenue, Art Déco, I Nipoti Del Faraone, Morrowyellow, Luxure, End Of Carnival, Art Core, Fru Aut, Wax Doll, Sybil Vane, Plague Pavillon, The Shadow Of A Doubt, Scent Merci, Hellvispravo, Inside Loneliness, Opium Club, Marginal Note, and Alejas.