Over The Wall


"Encounters, cross-fertilizations, confrontations and hybridizations are inherent to jazz. PNY Quintet is one of those groups made up of seemingly unlikely encounters. Michel Edelin already has a long career behind him, one in which linearity is clearly not the primary characteristic. He has always been keen to experiment with a wide variety of musical approaches, and his discography is only a partial illustration of this. When the opportunity arose, he never missed a chance to play with American musicians visiting Paris. It's been a long time since Steve Swell decided to devote his energies to his own music and to choosing the musicians with whom he wishes to play. By way of example, and to illustrate the directions in which he can go, this can range from his three albums of tributes to Bartok, Messiaen, or Berio to his quartet, Steve Swell's Fire into Music, with the late Jemeel Moondoc, William Parker, and Hamid Drake. Also of note is his regular collaboration with Rob Brown, another pillar of New York's avant-garde jazz scene. Rob Brown, indisputably one of the greatest alto saxophonists, unfortunately insufficiently recognized as such. From his unique and brilliant debut album with William Parker and Denis Charles in the early '80s to his most recent albums, everything is up for grabs. Although John Betsch recently returned to his native Florida, he has long lived in France. He was a regular partner of Michel Edelin, notably in his trio with Jean-Jacques Avenel. His drumming is as delicate as his tempo, and his solos surprising. In addition to his regular collaborations, notably with Steve Lacy, he was always in great demand by American musicians visiting France. Peter Giron, another American expatriate in France, was also often heard alongside Michel Edelin or John Betsch. While his bass playing is assertive, he is also a solid pillar who allows everyone to take the necessary risks, so that the music can surely develop in complete insecurity."