What We Don't See

RM 4235CD RM 4235CD

Final is Justin Broadrick. While many might recognize him through his connections to legendary groups such as Godflesh and Techno Animal, or via his various solo guises (Jesu, JK Flesh, etc), Final charts an entirely different sonic terrain. Focused primarily on devolved landscapes of heavily treated guitar, Final sees Broadrick dwell in a foggy and subliminal zone where source materials are submerged, morphed and reborn as wholly different sound-beings. What We Don't See is a record that pierces into the realm of post-experience that exists beyond sense and sensation. It reaches towards the invisible, the inaudible and the intangible and imagines a soundtrack to this non-place. The record is cast in a hazy gauze of filtered noise within which seismic tremors of tone and harmony fold into each other. It is a record that breaths with a measure of deep dreams and an unfettered desire to dwell in sound. From Justin Broadrick: "The theme of this recording is the invisible world, and one's (my) need for it. It's necessary for me, this idea of the invisible world, if I am to function on a daily basis. I find comfort in knowing that this is all not just us here and now, that there's something else around us. That there's something within us, that isn't just this frail skin and bones and the immediate environments we drag ourselves around. I am sure since I was a child, that within me I am many, I am more than this. I surely can't be just this, so I am motivated by the fantasy and/or promise of more?" Created and produced by Justin K Broadrick. Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space.