Ground Of Being

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2014 release. Annea Lockwood (b. 1939, New Zealand) has been an active member of the sound art world for over 50 years. Known prominently for her "Glass Concerts", exploring the sonic temperaments of glass; her "Piano Transplants", a performance piece where a piano is lit on fire or partially buried; and "Sound Maps", detailed audio studies of rivers in the United States. She has received international recognition for her unique relationship with sound. Lockwood has taught at a number of universities, most notably at Vassar in New York, where she taught since 1982. Although recently retired, she is still constantly engaged in her art, recording and composing from the world around her. Ground Of Being presents four pieces ranging from 1996 to 2013. Unlike her "Sound Map" albums, which often work environmentally, Ground Of Being tells a more detailed story. It's a moving series of memories, or a collection of different dreams. Annea has a keen connection with the resonances of the Earth; whether it be the detail of water sloshing, the reverberation of a voice in a room, or that of acoustical instruments. With these natural resonances in her palette, a unification of all sounds is formed. For example, the piece "Dusk" (2011) juxtaposes recordings from vents on the bottom of the ocean together with transposed bat calls. Additionally, on Lockwood's composition "Ear-Walking Woman" (1996), performed here by Lois Svard, prepared piano acts as a microcosm of the world of sound - A box with treated strings; a smaller reflection, yet still limitless in its ability to produce frequencies and dynamics. The notion of sound as an extension of the physical realm is brought to mind. The aural temper of water, of wood, of rocks, of wind - Lockwood brings all into focus for our consideration. Edition of 500. Housed in a six-panel wallet, with an insert of writings by Annea Lockwood.