QS 110CD QS 110CD

"Under this strange pseudo you will find happiness and desolation, the initial chaos that turned into a world, with human beings and feelings. Everybody has a 'dark' side that is helping the evolution; one's got the face fear in order to defeat it. This is evolution's subtle rumbling... Don't be afraid, shadows are just there because of light, the balance. Shudo is a young artist from Barcelona, working in the multimedia sector. He is part of reform communications, an interdisciplinary collective that develops different projects related to the experimentation in video, audio, interactivity and the internet . Their attitude brings back the real spirit of DIY, rejecting the role of the creator as professional. In a favour of democratization of the artistic production tools through the use of computers and technology from the approach of the common user. Knowing what the interaction between image and sounds means, and following this spirit, he developed an incredible parade of 'freaky' and groovy sounds from the wildest sound appropriationism. As he says, he is not a musician, he just works with the sounds in a very visual and plastic way, just like he could work with images or volumes. Some little soundscapes for abstract inner visions. An universe full of emotions, tension, stress, melancholy, all recreated in order to fit the musical language, so close to the organic part of ourselves as well as talking smoothly to our soul. If loop rhythms are the basis of each track, strange samples, spooky sounds emerge deeply in order to communicate with your cerebral cortex, a direct adrenaline shot waking you in the middle of a dream. But don't get it wrong, Shudo isn't a repertoire of dark tales or sounds from a bad ambient trip... At the same time experience energy and serenity, the sublime of a cold snowy night, echoes of laughter giving you inner peace in a bad moment. Mixed emotions, the sound of life simply... "