Hot Action


"My Robot Friend : Hot Action! Proptronix proudly unveils Hot Action!, the debut album from the toast of New York City's electronic underground, My Robot Friend. The album plays out like a 21st century jukebox of perfect frenetic and synthetic pop. While it oscillates wildly in style from weird electro to punk to rockabilly to Disco crap, the real marvel here is something all too often missing from recent electronic music: an album's worth of honest-to-goodness songwriting, with clever lyrics, catchy hooks, and bonafide musical content, all riding a pulse of crackling current that earns the exclamation point in its title with sheer nonstop energy. Breaking all the rules of robotics, the Robot brings us electric emotion. Technically the world's first no-man band, My Robot Friend is Howard Robot joined by a tight knit cadre of other machines and humanoids. Whether he is joined by 80 year old rapper Bingo Gazingo (on you're out of the computer, already notorious from its inclusion on Irwin Chusid's collection of outsider music) or singing on his own from one of his several simulated souls, My Robot Friend's songs dissect the human condition with a more-human-than-human mordant wit and affection, bringing a peculiar form of android emotion into simulated life in these lyrical tunes. Checking his old punch cards reveals Devo and Kraftwerk as musical influences on his circuitry, and suggest a certain family resemblance to contemporary role-models like Le Tigre and Mouse On Mars. Developed and engineered for many years, his sound and image has already been burned into many minds using his special spark shooting Light-up suit. He has showcased his robot singing/song-writing abilities around the world on stages and also on his flashy website, which has already flabbergasted millions of shocked human visitors. In addition to the 13 songs that comprise Hot Action! the CD is fleshed out with four great music videos by the world of Adam and an informational video by Howard Robot."