A Lie

N 033CD N 033CD

The rectangular fields surrounding, shaping, and defining the upper Bavarian village Joasihno call home turned out to be a significant influence and defining factor during the duo's recording sessions for their sophomore effort A Lie. Former sole mastermind Christoph "Cico" Beck (Aloa Input, Ms. John Soda) and his new bandmate Nico Sierig (Missent To Denmark) have referred to them before, and apparently these fields work pretty much like blank sheets -- just waiting to be filled with Joasihno's shapeshifting, rather circular, meandering, and free-floating tracks that are full of surprising little twists and turns. The opening track of Joasihno's second album feels a bit like a plane's smooth landing at sundown. The air is shimmering, and suddenly there's this new thirst for action upon touchdown. Further down those fields, they present a sound that seems to bolt and shoot off into the wind -- "Oh Boy!" -- but also staying true to its melancholy undercurrents reminiscent of the Matt Marque. Elsewhere, Joasihno even live up to Cico's last name when "Some Light" indeed sounds a bit like Beck Hansen trapped in the garden of intricate beats. Over the course of the LP, the duo weaves a vast array of influences ranging from world music to minimal and back -- Cico mentions Reich, Glass, Ligeti, and Nancarrow when asked about his key influences -- into an electro-acoustic tapestry of sound that includes hypnotic layers, surprising melodies almost reminiscent of The Strokes, and some fine home-made soundtrack material that would make any super-8 collection look even better. On this album sonic snapshots and moments hum like an old-school slide show -- in fact, you can almost feel the shimmering air against your skin.