Like This Maybe Or This


Five years after the release of Je Vous Dis in 2018 (MTS 001CD/LP), Geins't Naït and L.Petitgand's second album from the Mind Travel series (MTS 005CD/LP) and Make Dogs Sing collection on the German label Offen (OFFEN 009LP), the duo are now writing a new chapter in their story with this fascinating poetic tale. The same mysterious and heady atmosphere which characterizes the two musicians is present in this new work, but clearly, they have never ceased refining and polishing their sounds to give their compositions even more power and depth. Geins't Naït and L.Petitgand here offer twelve new tracks with names as enigmatic as the title Like This Maybe Or This itself and the record's whole universe. In reality, these mysterious names lead you to let yourself be taken to the deep meaning of their creation. The subject matter is certainly difficult to grasp and invites you on an inner journey while leading you to doubt and question ourselves incessantly. There is a perfect alchemy between these two artists though this was far from self-evident as they come from two very different schools. Thierry Merigout, who is now the only representative left from the late '80s experimental project Geins't Naït in Nancy, comes from the post-industrial scene. As for Laurent Petitgand, he is a pure melodist who is best known for his work as a composer of music for films and live shows and has collaborated with Wim Wenders and Paul Auster, in particular. Like This Maybe Or This is a fully accomplished symbiosis between Geinst Nait's industrial and experimental tonalities and the celestial melodies of Laurent Petitgand. "Shape Of The Storie" starts the album with a bewildering atmosphere which mixes a sample of a guttural voice with cavernous resonances thus prefiguring the album's general atmosphere. However, while some tracks like "HAC" you're your existential anguish, other tracks have a poetic and melancholic tonality which touches your deepest humanity. This is the case of "Dustil" whose subtle piano notes combined with the melancholy violin show us a sublimated world. This fascinating blend of violence and gentleness makes this record an atypical work which enables listeners to lose themselves in an emotional nebula where they can perceive the turbulence and also the intensity of inner life. LP version includes download.