Tengo Un Mustang

MR 457LP MR 457LP

Rare debut LP by the eccentric Peruvian singer Jean Paul "El Troglodita", known for his wild performances and extreme way of life. Often labeled as a nueva ola artist, he rather saw his performance style as a solo artist as following in the footsteps of Los Saicos, also signed to Disperú. This album includes Spanish sung versions of British beat songs and covers of the American songbook as well as various international hits. Enrique Roberto Tellería made his Peruvian television debut in 1965 under the stage name Jean Paul "El Troglodita" and wearing an imitation leopard skin suit. He would switch from melodic calm to shouting wildly or suddenly drop to the floor on his knees and smash the furniture like crazy. At the age of 19, DisPerú signed him to the label on the strength of these early performances. His first single included a freely translated version of "Secret Agent Man" in Spanish. He began to work on the eleven cover versions that would feature on his first LP immediately, writing all his own lyrics and accompanied by the beat band Los Steivos. Despite the predominance of English beat music in Peru, the album only included three songs directly related to the British invasion: "Bus Stop" by The Hollies, also played in raga rock style; "Paint it Black" by The Rolling Stones; and "The House of the Rising Sun," which follows the arrangement recorded by The Animals. El Troglodita's association with the so-called nueva ola, indicated on the back cover, needs clarification. In Peru, nueva ola was a mixed bag rather than a specific musical style and encompassed slow rock, twist, bossa nova and all the styles that the record industry produced to tame the wild rock 'n' roll impulses of teenagers in the early sixties. Jean Paul's "hippie" lifestyle got him arrested by the new de facto military government in 1968, who accused him of promoting drug consumption and corrupting the Peruvian youth. The charges were soon dropped but his reputation was tarnished, and he ended up emigrating to Central America.