Algo Salvaje: Untamed 60s Beat and Garage Nuggets from Spain Vol 2

MR 359CD MR 359CD

"The second volume of Algo Salvaje ('Something Wild'), carrying the torch lit by the first volume (MR 314CD/LP, 2014). A festival of raw beats, direct and aggressive, mixed with understandable stylistic digressions, given the psychedelic transformation at the time. All are identifying marks of this second volume, a collection that should legitimize the Spanish garage-beat scene as one of the great musical (and social) offerings from a country that was stretching its limbs as much as it possibly could despite the restricting bonds of dictatorship. We return to those days to celebrate a wild, purely hedonistic, juvenile adventure. Whether they were city dwellers or country folk, university students or illiterates with only the most basic education, their musical cry had little to do with the studied social outbursts of the singer-songwriter, nor did it pertain to any specific alternative music scene. The most restless adolescents understood that the volatile social chemistry of those years demanded of them both flexibility and resource management. In other words, wide open ears with no restrictive earplugs of any kind: beat, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, Bo Diddley beats, folk-rock, the early scent of psychedelia. . . . A quarter of the material here shows the genre's continued presence beyond 1968, sensitive and permeable to the new musical trends. And of course once again we find the omnipresent influence of the Liverpool sound and English beat in general. All of that shaken (and well stirred) with our own sense of identity to create an authentic mish-mash of a cocktail that today, fortunately, is recognized internationally, and which reveals to us the real starting point for a fair assessment of this scene: those uncertain times in the 60s in which a simple small-town boy decided, at least for a few energetic moments, not to bow down to anyone or anything" --Vicente Fabuel. Includes extensive notes by Fabuel featuring artist photos and all of the original record sleeves. Includes tracks (many reissued for the first time) by Cefe y los Gigantes, Los Salvajes, Los Tonks, Los Flechas, The Vampires, Los Pops, Los Águilas Reales, Grupo 15, The Brisks, Los Ángeles Negros, Ramón-5, Los Gatos Negros, Los Crich, Los Indonesios, Los Diablos Negros, Los Relámpagos, Los Archiduques, Los Soñadores, Los Íberos, Los Simuns, Los Zinkos, Smash, Don y Su Banda Club, Bruno Lomas, Los Z-66, Los Gritos, Cirros, and Juan & Junior.