Floorplan is already well known as Robert Hood's house outlet, which this year evolves into a family affair with co-production alongside his daughter, Lyric. Victorious is the second Floorplan album and follow-up to 2013's Paradise. The new album itself is preceded by the double-headed single "Music"/ "Tell You No Lie". As Robert once again extends his minimal techno sound, he also returns his focus to house, disco, funk and gospel to the Floorplan show, which now takes a surprising twist. Having watched her father DJ the world, Lyric Hood comes center-stage alongside her father. "Hear my soul speak, is the only way I can describe the way I feel about Floorplan, (Victorious) music is in my soul, my blood, I eat and sleep beats, music, rhythms, it's in my DNA. So please, hear my soul speak." The Floorplan project first came to light in 1996 when Hood used it to announce his Drama imprint with the highly sought after Funky Souls EP. Launching with the heady house swirl of "Spin", Robert and Lyric then drop the deeper stylings of lead single "Music" which builds into a hypnotic, bass-driven anthem. Picking up on Hood's trademark razor-sharp percussion "The Heavens & The Earth" brings the Bible to the floor (with added funk) and "Good Thang" shows the strong influence of Chicago as a simple refrain turns into a house missile from the pulpit. "He Can Save You" continues the Chicago/gospel theme but with a more driving techno edge whilst "Mmm Hmm Hmm" marries powerful chords to trumpets, dynamic bass, booty refrains and skillful sampling creating yet another hands up anthem. "Ha Ya" has that stripped back minimal feel we all know and love and perhaps the closest we get to touch on the classic Hood sound whilst "Tell You No Lie" is pure, un-adulterated disco-string drenched fun(k) and already tearing down dancefloors as we speak. "Push On" takes us back to the tight, knife-edged percussion of Chicago's house vanguard, reminding of the tougher sounds of DJ International and DJ Deeon, DJ Funk and Boo Williams. "They Can Tell" kicks in with a no-nonsense, foot stomping kick drum as Floorplan chop up the vocal refrain into what becomes the main hook of the track and finally "Sun In the Sky" brings the disco back with yet another string-laden anthem to bring the Floorplan show to a fittingly, uplifting end.