Producer Niklas Worgt aka Dapayk Solo presents his fourth album, #nofilter. Since 1996, Worgt has been regarded as one of the most creative and versatile protagonists of Europe's club scene. Several projects for his label Mo's Ferry Prod., like the I Love Vinyl festival or his work on Dapayk & Padberg releases, have kept him busy since 2010. He finally got some solo time in the studio, and after having explored a more melodic and gentle side on his last two albums with Padberg (Smoke (MFP 067CD/LP, 2013) and Smoke (Family Remixes) (2014)), he now turns to more experimental, edgy productions. "I wanted the sound to be very focused," says Worgt about #nofilter -- more straightforward, more reduced, more analog and dirtier than "anything I have done before." On #nofilter he combines elements from his early days in breakbeat and drum and bass with minimal and tech-house, resulting in his very own unique signature sound, far off the beaten club-sound track. Worgt aims to challenge his audience, willing them to see that there is more than just one way of doing things. He's aware that "some of the tracks might not be for everyone at first glance. But it's always good to do things in an unexpected way, to change the listener's perspective." Worgt also shows his provocative and humorous side with the album title, statistically proven to be one of the most commonly used hashtags. "I wanted to look at the cliche of the big, gloomy nightclub, where everyone has to be credible and cool all the time, with a hint of humor. I think it's important to show people that there are different levels on which they can have fun and just enjoy themselves." #nofilter is a perfect demonstration of how much Dapayk Solo is enjoying himself and his work. "If you had asked me ten years ago where I would have seen myself today, I wouldn't have been able to give you a straight answer. If someone asks me that question now, I can say that I will definitely be making music."