K7 437EP K7 437EP

Suchi's bouncy, airy productions are so organically deft that they almost belie the complexity that exists within. The Oslo-born, London-bred, Delhi-influenced DJ and producer found herself in a period of creative stagnation, while attempting to rediscover her own voice through production. After going back to the drawing board again and again she resolved to let go of overthinking, eschew the process, and let experimentation lead the way, revisiting some simmering sketches and work in new ways. Ghungroo EP is the result of this reset, and rediscovers Suchi's sense of playfulness through different production styles. It's pressed on eco-friendly vinyl, PVR free and 100% recycled. "Ghungroo" is an homage to Suchi's early years, and named for the small metallic bells strung around the ankles of classical Indian dancers. The track is equal parts cosmic, bassy and wavy, with a downwards bassline that plumbs the depths of low frequencies. The memory of early music passions emerges as the same melodic loop undresses and redresses in different guises -- between breezy pads, glowing chimes and euphoric bells. "Blåmerke" means bruise in Suchi's native Norwegian tongue, and it leads heavily with double-time polyrhythmic drums, ravey rhythms and percussive bubbles popping. Triplets of synth stabs are artfully deployed with reverb and warped, stretched pads, bringing a whimsical twist to a track that is otherwise a tough-edged stomper. "Bottlepop" loosens up the tempo for a funky house framework, foregrounded by a big melodic synth riff. The track's hookiness is enhanced by its old-school school feel, with distorted whistles and evocative pads. "Blåmerke" is then given a rework by Sam Goku who was chosen for his euphoric, dusty-sounding club tracks that hit hard; in his care the remix provides exactly that, via throbbing, shimmering, deep trippiness. Pressed on eco-friendly vinyl -- PVR free and 100% recycled, 60% energy saving.