Blue Lagoon Soundtrack 3


This third installment of DJ Margeir Ingólfsson's acclaimed Blue Lagoon Soundtrack continues the tradition of capturing the relaxing and otherworldly atmosphere of the Blue Lagoon in a flawless mix of eclectic electronic gems. Known both at home and abroad as Iceland's premier DJ, Margeir strikes a unique tone with tracks ranging from 1960s Icelandic classics through to brand-new and exclusive unreleased material. Disc 1 is mixed by Margeir and disc 2 by his alter-ego outfit with GusGus' President Bongo, Gluteus Maximus. Soulful, fluid, vital, and powered by an electronic heartbeat, this collection mimics the Blue Lagoon's unique combination of the restorative power of nature and the manmade technology that harnesses it. Now on two CDs, the third volume continues and even exceeds the fine tradition of the Blue Lagoon Soundtrack series. The cooperation between DJ Margeir and Blue Lagoon started about 12 years ago when Margeir first played for Blue Lagoon guests at the Blue Lagoon Chill party -- an annual event of the Iceland Airwaves music festival. Soon the idea of a CD with music appropriate for the Blue Lagoon's natural environment was conceived. The collection is selected to capture the natural mystique of Blue Lagoon that can be described as a unique harmony between nature and science. Only released locally, the first volume went gold in Iceland while the new third volume is now set for an international release for the first time. CD1 includes the perfect, relaxing, soulful and sophisticated mix by DJ Margeir. It melts some of Iceland's finest talents like Ásgeir, Sísý Ey or renowned GusGus with new, quality music from around the world, alongside surprisingly well-fitting classics like Tuxedomoon's "In a Manner of Speaking," from the mid-80's or Hljómar's heart-wrenching Icelandic traditional from the late 60's. Highlights also include Brooklyn underground based Bob Moses' "Far from the Tree" or Kasper Bjørke's cover-version of The Rolling Stones' classic "Heaven," which appears here in an exclusive, unreleased "beatless" version. CD2 has been mixed by Iceland's Gluteus Maximus, who chip in their yet biggest hit "Everlasting" in an exclusive, unreleased edit. Their mix weaves some of the finest electronica from Luomo to Matthew Herbert to DJ Koze and presents an eclectic, timeless and inspiring piece of music. The double-album is released in a digipack, including a poster booklet, both designed by Icelandic artists Ingibjörg and Lilja Birgisdóttir who have been working for Sigur Rós, amongst many others. Other artists include: Holger Zilske, Mikael Simpson, Recondite, Tonik, Essáy, New Look, Ry & Frank Wiedemann, Ada, Mayburg, When Saints Go Machine, Koreless, Tin Man, Donato Dozzy, Exos, Thor, Baikal, Högni Egilsson, Ten Walls, Lake People, Johannes Brecht, Raz Ohara, Kiasmos, and Mooryc.