The Pleasure Principle


Get Physical's DJ T. unveils his third album which includes collaborations with Dave Aju, Jaw (dOP), James Teej, Khan, Nick Maurer and Cari Golden. The Pleasure Principle immerses itself, wholly and rapturously, into electronic music's legacy of authentic soul, helping to usher in a new renaissance of groove-heavy deepness, at a time when clinical club sounds are at their least inspired. Traces of T.'s production finesse can be found in the most soothing washes of ambient tones, the soaring vocal treatments, the murkiest late-night moments, and at the center of The Pleasure Principle's delicate melodies. "Same Plane," featuring dOP prankster Jaw and his girlfriend Amandine (aka Ginger), is a flurry of offset beats and hand claps, a rhythmic hall of mirrors that finds his deep, soulful vocals nestled at the center of stuttering staccato rhythms, woven with whispers. Nick Maurer lights up "Burning" with a twist, as he is doubled, tripled, pitched-down and distorted. "Yesterday Tomorrow" features Dave Aju's preacher man spoken-word duelling with piano stabs, combining the stomp and swagger of electro funk with an unmistakable early house framework, while "Citylife" recalls the early '80s warehouse era, and finds American vocalist Cari Golden crooning, siren-like. Jaw's second appearance "Remember The Future" is mottled with daybreak dew, and its morning rainforest sounds are illuminated by dappled shafts of sonic light, piping mid-tones and ambient, swirling organ chords. Khan adds his grizzled charm to "Leavin Me" coloring deep tech tones with a tale steeped in longing and regret, for a new take on dubby blues house. The Pleasure Principle is also interspersed with a number of instrumental productions. With its half-stepping beat and unique synth melody "Opera Buffa" evokes late nights and rain-slicked city streets, and shorter atmospheric instrumentals "Unconditional Love," "Nothing Comes Even Close" and "Pattern Exit Drama" variously take on low-slung cosmic disco, nostalgic slow jams, and proto-dancefloor moments in time. Whether it's experienced during one DJ T.'s many forthcoming live appearances, in a darkened club, in a quiet moment, at the beginning of the night, or the morning after it, The Pleasure Principle can be found at the very axis of mind and body, and musical soul.