Echo to Echo

FP 012CD FP 012CD

A leopard can't change its spots and Magnus International earned his spots in the hue sequence of Oslo's disco scene. "Disco is the single thread that runs through all electronic dance music." After an inconsistent hiatus from recording, the Norwegian DJ finally dons the producer cap for his debut album. Echo to Echo is the artist's magnum opus, taking on epic proportions in its album-length narrative. Prins Thomas's Full Pupp family plays hosts to Magnus's infectious disco arrangements, as it has done since Magnus International and Danny "Blackbelt" Anderson first worked together as Kalle, Magnus & Daniel in the mid-2000s. Tracing a line from those early days through his first solo work (the 2006 Kosmetisk 12"), Echo to Echo sees the producer combining the foundation of his sound with influences including Warp's early catalog, transposing it into the singular voice that is Magnus International. "I wanted to go back to Techno from my Youth." Borrowing inspiration from the likes of LFO and Aphex Twin, Magnus spent two years in the studio refining a hybrid album in which disco is deeply ingrained, but which grows its own spots with the acid-infected synth work and inventive beat-arrangements that were the signature trademarks of those early pioneers. Titles like "Big Red" and "Echo to Echo" are clear nods to these demi-gods of music, which Magnus International makes his own in the context of a disco long-player. It's an album built on the foundation of Magnus's strengths as an experienced producer, innovator, and DJ. Forged in the cauldron of techno's rich history, with Magnus's distinct style playing host, Echo to Echo takes the listener on journey that transcends time. "If I can hop into my Delorean and punch in a destination, five years from now, I want my music to have the same effect." Magnus International didn't change his spots for his debut; he merely grew into them, and Echo to Echo sees them at their most impressive.