False Positives


FILM release the debut LP from Denial Of Service. The album follows up EPs Sensou (FILM 003EP, 2015), and more recently Contour & Shape (FILM 007EP, 2017) -- but marks the producer's most expansive release on the label thus far by some margin. Clocking in at 15 tracks, the lengthy opus draws from the same palette found on previous work -- drum machine driven, heavily mutated electro and IDM sit alongside low-slung techno cuts and arpeggiated EBM references. As ever, the production is stunning -- crisp and plosive, as much a record for the club as it is a tempered headphone experience; whilst the mood channels that same dank, claustrophobic energy found on previous missives. As a body of work, the LP displays the distinctive touch of a production veteran. The transformative shifts in structure on "A Fine, New Mother Now" belie a kind of boldness found less often across the contemporary electronic music landscape; and the drum programming on IDM-leaning explorations "Autoimmune" abd "SuperCell" bear the hallmarks of a perfectionist with time on his hands and in full control of his art. Space and the placement of sonic components plays a huge role in the artist's work and "The 3 Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch" displays this canny knack for generating both textural, wide angle soundscapes whilst maintaining that wrought-iron edge to drums and percussive elements -- even more fervent, noisy compositions like "Dr Manahattan" manage to keep hold of this remarkable balance. It's impressive stuff, a fine and well worked meeting point between artistic vision and engineering prowess. An elongated discussion, no doubt -- but worth hearing every word. Each twist and bend, however sharp, remains carefully placed and beautifully recorded. Dryer works "Slither" and "Junkie Foxtrot" offer a less introspective, more hard-hitting angle to the work, and by the time the listener arrives at dual closer "The Daisy Chain - Adults" -- they're ready for its heady catharsis. The debut album from Denial of Service is a trip, and the line between club space and home listening environment is decidedly blurred -- an emotive exploration of true psychedelic electronica, delivered direct from the source.